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Tears In Heaven
Eric Clapton
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*Joe Beck*
Class of 1973 - Died 7/31/05
Fishing in upstate NY 1981
Photo submitted by Peter Ferri

*Scott Gadell*
9/8/63 - 6/28/86
"Not a day goes by we don't talk about you and smile.  
We love you and miss you." 
Moe and George
Photo submitted byGreg Longmuir
*Gregory Gervasi*
6/17/80 - 5/14/03
Class of 1998
Photo 4/18/02
"Greg loved creating art 
 and having fun"
*updated photo site*
Photo submitted by Dom Gervasi
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*John Biggin*
Class of 1977-Died 11/29/83
"It has been a long time my brother
When I'm riding on my Harley
 I know you're in the wind 
riding next to me
Our memories of you 
will never fade"
Love your brother, Bill
Photo submitted by Bill Biggin

*Steve Amy*
Class of 1969
Photo submitted by Joe Druda
*Douglas Sharp*
Photo taken 8/27/78 at my wedding
"Dougie, forever may you be at  peace"
Photo submitted by 
Mindye Kahn-Brunner
*Richard B. Halliday Jr.*
Died March 19,2006
1964 High School Photo

"He made many people laugh
 & now we cry
We will all miss him"

*Kenny Miller*
1/13/62 - 9/9/79
Kenny would have graduated in 1980
He died in 1979
He was 17
Photo taken in the summer of 1978
"Your brother Chris and Mom miss you so very much.
Always in our hearts".
Photo submitted by Lenore Miller

*Carole July*
11/30/57 - 10/1/91
Graduated 1975
Carole & her daughter
photo taken in 1985
Photo submitted by John July
*Ralph C. Bose*
April 28, 1944 - March 31, 2005
1962 Graduate
Photo taken in Sarasota
Nov 15, 2004
with his daughter Nathalie
Photo submitted by Nathalie
*Michael Goodry*
1989 Graduate
Photo taken in 1994
Photo submitted by Danielle Mathew

*Brian Scott Kraemer*
Dec 8, 1950 - Feb 20, 1998
1968 Graduate
"A day doesn't go by that we don't think of you"
We love you & miss you
Photo submitted by Mom, Dad
Kevin & Maureen

*Domenick Di Martino*
Oct 28, 1951 - Dec 13, 2005
1970 Graduate
"I love you and I miss you"
Photo Taken Aug 2004
Photo submitted by Mary Di Martino
*Charlie Cariello*
Sept 9, 1956 -  Nov 15, 2004
Photo taken July 2004
"You know our love will not fade away"
Photo submitted by Patricia
*Eugene Sannuto*
Oct 15, 1942 - Oct. 28, 1994
1961 Graduate
"I love you & I miss you"
Photo taken Oct 14, 1989
Photo submitted by Alyssa Sannuto

*Nancy Blatt*
1980 Graduate
"Always in our hearts"
Mom, Dad, Chucky, Dianne & Jamie
Photo taken 1988
Photo submitted by Chuck Blatt
"Larry Samuels"
Jan 14, 1957 - July 25, 2006
1975 Graduate
"Larry, we will love and miss you forever!!"
Photo of Bruce, Adrienne & Larry Samuels 
taken in 1984
Photo submitted by Cyndi Samuels
"James Flynn" 
1961 Graduate
Died April 1961
2 months before graduation
Jimmy had the most wonderful personality
Brother of Joe Flynn
"Forever in our hearts"
Photo submitted by Pat Olender (Sanford)

"Anthony F. Daniele"
Dedicated Football Warrior  #52
6/18/86 - 5/5/07
2004 Graduate
*Anthony battled leukemia for 2 years 
and still made everyone around him smile
 and feel at ease with his sickness*
Photo taken summer 2004
"You are etched in my heart forever"
Loving and missing you so much,
Photo submitted by Susan Daniele

The Light in Your Eyes
Will Shine Forever

Don went to CCNY then on to Ohio State to graduate college.
He then enlisted in the Navy Top-gun flight school and stayed in the Naval Air Force for the next 28 years.
He served as 3rd in command on the Nuclear carrier George Washington from it's commissioning and went on to be a squadron Commander during the Persian Gulf War.  Eventually he became the XO of the Naval Airbase at Oceana in Virginia.
Approximatley 5 years after his retirement he contracted a class 4 brain tumor.  He fought valiantly.
He is pictured in front of "his" fighter the F-14 Tomcat in the early 90's.  His call name was SANTA.

"He was my only brother and I miss him"
Photo submitted by Larry Santapaola, Class of 1972

"USN Captain Donald Santapaola"
Sept. 3, 1949 - Dec. 8 2004
1967 Graduate

Photo taken 1971

"Whatever struggles she may have faced
 beyond the years we spent together
 through high school, college and my seminary years, what I think of now when I remember JoAnn
 is this:
A soft and gentle Soul as I see her soft and gentle face.
A Spirit of Life in her broad and inviting smile.
A Love for Life in her full and engaging energy.

In her memory, as a tribute to her and with deep and abiding love

Bob Matthews
"JoAnn Engelstein"
Feb 24, 1947 - June 24, 2000

"LCDR William Charles Matthews"
Feb 2, 1946 - July 16, 1978
1964 Graduate

An honorable son - Billy
A beloved brother - Bill
A loving and devoted husband and  father - Bill and Daddy
A trusted and respected Comrad - Shadow

Photo taken approx. 1978
Photo  submitted by Bob Matthews

*Daniel Korpacz*
Graduated 1963

Photo submitted by Bobby Bell
Photo taken by Bobby's dad

*Salvatore Crasto*
Sept 22, 1938 - Feb 29, 1996
1956 Graduate

"He was a wonderful brother
and an amazing husband, father and friend.
Daddy, not a day goes by that we don't think about you.
I miss you so much.

This is a picture of Sal and his youngest daughter
Photo submitted by Di Di Crasto

*Roger Ponzi*
Graduated 1964
Died Feb 17, 1994
Photo taken 1994
Photo submitted by 
Marylou Ponzi Kay
*Robert Bell (Bobby)*
Graduated 1964
*Frank Presto*
Aug 16, 1967 -  Aug 27, 1990
This photo was taken 2-3 days before he died 
in a motorcycle accident
He was 23

"I miss him like so many of us do"
Photo & quote from his sister, Theresa Adams

*Bill Clancy*
Class of 1969
Photo submitted by Joe Druda
*Mark Jacobson*
Class of 1969
Photo submitted by Joe Druda
*Todd Longmuir*
1961 - 2010

We will miss you forever.  
You were my best friend.
Photo submitted by Greg Longmuir
Gary R. Box
Our Hero
*Debbie Fox*
Most Artistic - Class of 1983
She was a beautiful person & a great friend
She is missed every day.
Photo submitted by Jane Labriola
*Allan Meltzer*
Class of 1974 - Photo taken 2010
Allan was full of life with a huge heart of gold.
He was loved by all and is greatly missed.
Photo submitted by Mindye Kahn - Brunner
*Joyce Linden Stewart*
1945 -2009
1963 Graduate
Photo taken June 1973
"We miss her everyday"
Photo submitted by Van Stewart
*Barbara Mulry*
Class of 1972
DOD  Dec 2012

*Patricia E. Williams*
Class of 1964
DOD Nov 24th 2009
Photo taken 1968
Submitted by Jim Boyle
She is missed every day
Photo submitted by Kathleen Hartmann Yarri
*Peggy McBride*
12/28/54 - 3/2004
Class of 1973
"She is missed everyday"
Photo submitted by Peggy McNeill
*William (Bill) Milller*
Class of  1973
He had an amazing laugh and was a great father of 2 daughters
He is missed.
Photo submitted by 
Jeannette Marie Miller Csajko
*Steven Florio*
4/19/49 - 12/27/07
Class of 1967

"You are always in my heart"
Mariann Florio
Children, Kelly and Steven
Photo submitted by Margaret McNeill
*Phillip Celi*
Class of 1980
Photo submitted by Melody Hipsman
"You will always be in our hearts​"
Feb 1, 1951 - Dec 28, 2015
Sue Oderwald and daughter Maureen

 *Michael Oderwald* 
Class of 1969

*Chris E Peterson*
Class of 1968
Miss You
Sept. 8, 1950 - Dec 16, 2012
Photo submitted by Gordon I Peterson 1964
*Diane E. Peterson Burns*
Class of 1962
Miss You
Nov. 22, 1943 - June 20, 2012
Photo Submitted by Gordon I. Peterson 1964
*Chris Brunner*
Class of 1972
Sept. 1, 1953 - April 6, 2017
Always in our hearts. 
Today, tomorrow, forever.

Photo submitted by Mindye Kahn Brunner
*Barbara Ann Winters Stock*
Feb 16, 1952 - Sept 24,2016
Class of 1970
Survived by her husband  Kevin
Daughters: Maureen and Kelly
Grandsons: Nate and Sam
Photo submitted by Kevin Stock
*Sandra Sucher*
Class of 1962
Pictured in 1964 with Don Sucher 
Marilyn Sucher Winograd
Submitted with love 
by your kid sister, Marilyn

*Barbara Beutel* .  *Nancy Beutel*
      1952-2006 .            1953-2012
     Class of 1970            Class of 1972
Missing you both terribly
You were gon too soon!!
Photo taken approx 1970 at Debbie Kranz home
Photo submitted by Jeanne