TOMMY PHELAN Tuesday, 1/11/05, 11:04 AM

Joyce Schiel (Koji) Thursday, 12/30/04, 6:59 PM
I pray for all those familys that I know and don't know. That you will find God's peace in your lifes and continue to move on in these hard times. I also lost my oldest sister Arlene and a brother Walter who went to this high school.
From: Florida
Please share your thoughts:  May the Lord heal all our hearts

Carol M. Koji Thursday, 12/30/04, 6:29 PM
Very sorry to hear so many of Us Pass On, Find it very hard to Believe Lov Ya Carol
From: Wantagh L.I.
E-mail:  PuzzlesKoj or Ckcle
Please share your thoughts:  WOW

Marilyn Ficarra (Koji) Thursday, 12/30/04, 6:23 PM
From: Sunrise, Florida

Tom Hunt Monday, 12/13/04, 2:37 PM
From: N.C.

Kenny Kroell Saturday, 12/4/04, 7:05 PM
It's been along time since I have thought of my high school days, and the names on this list. The site was beautifully prepared and I thank Mindye for putting it together. I joined the navy with Timmy Davis, and I can remember the day I heard that Paul DeVerna died. Maryann Olson was crushed. I remember being at Johny Biggins wake, and was saddened to hear that Jimmy Skidmore had passed. I remember the night I heard Barbara Gentile was gone. I was hanging out with T.J. Mooney that day. That was a long time ago. All these people will be missed.....still. Peace Kenny
From: Port St. Lucie, Florida
Please share your thoughts:  I hope that they all have found peace.

Debbie Gentile Friday, 12/3/04, 3:47 AM
Each time I come to this site, I see more friends added to the list. How sad they were taken so early. Seeing my sister Barbara's name still saddens me. She died before graduation from a brain tumor. She loved Wantagh, as did many of us.. She along with many others will be remembered forever, thanks to this Memorial. Thanks Mindye, beautiful job. And may God Bless those who passed and help heal the families...
From: Ft. Lauderdale (Wantagh 75)
Please share your thoughts:  Beautiful tribute for those gone too soon

Laura Blaine Pokorny Wednesday, 12/1/04, 4:53 PM
A friend sent me this site and although it's a beautiful tribute, it's very sad to see so many names listed. To my childhood friends whom I've had so much fun and many laughs in high school with, Kathy McGloin, Janice Snelbaker, and Colleen Summers, God bless you and your families.
From: West Babylon

Steve Taraborelli Wednesday, 12/1/04, 12:40 PM
I saw Ann Hastings(1974)name listed today (12/01/04) and wish to share a story about Ann. I think we met at a Wantagh/Seaford mixer while I was in 11th grade and Ann was in 10th. One summer evening I went to her house to pick her up. I was downstairs in her family room and Ann says,"Steve, I like you to meet my Dad." Dad saunders down the staircase in his t-shirt and white boxer shorts. I say to myself, "What's wrong with this picture?" Mr Hastings proceeds to grill me about where I am taking Ann, what are our activities (I had to lie, I don't think he would liked about our planned heavy petting activities) and that I must have Ann home by 9:00pm (9pm? It's the summer remember.) And if I don't have Ann home by 9:00pm, he said he's calling the cops to look for us. I always went against authority and I think Ann did too, so I didn't bring her home to about 10pm. Obviously, I didn't hang around long enough to meet Mr. Hastings' wrath. As I remember 32 years later, I found Ann to be engaging, fun to be with and I enjoyed hanging out with her. Bye Ann.
From: Seaford

Bill Biggin 1978 Tuesday, 11/30/04, 11:34 AM
It was 21 years ago yesterday that my brother John Biggin passed away. The recent passing of his childhood friend Jeff Held WHS (1976) made me think about how many other friends have gone before their time. Some of the names on the list really stopped me in my tracks. It was nice to see my brothers name in some of the entries, and that people still remember him. Thanks. Great job on the web site. Hope everyone is well.
From: Blue Point, NY
Web Site:  FDNY Ladder Co. 150

Neal Weiss Tuesday, 11/23/04, 7:14 PM
I would love to hear from any of my classmates and anyone else who remembers me. My wife (Ginny) and I are now retired, have 2 sons and 4 wonderful grandkids. We would love to hear from any of you who remember me and the class of '62. My new email address is Take care - Neal
From: Indialantic, Florida
Please share your thoughts:  I'm alive and well and retired in Florida

Patty Thursday, 11/11/04, 9:17 PM
I failed to mention in the previous memorial that Catherine Ann's last name was Gallo.
From: Elmont
Web Site:  Patty

Patty Thursday, 11/11/04, 8:58 PM
Unfortuntely, I didn't know my best friend in the days of her going to Wantagh HS but we'd meet years later in life and crammed a lot of good and meaningful times in her short life. You see, my dear, dear friend, Cathy was dealt a bad hand in life and life was stolen from her at the tender age of 37. She was diagnosed with Crohn's 8 years ago and suffered dearly, then came the shocking diagnosis of leukemia early this year. I, like her family, was at her bedside but no amount of love and care could save her from the ravages of such a horrible, horrible illness so she lost her battle 4 months later. I cry a thousand tears as I miss her terribly. I have since become a lifetime blood donor and vowed to find the answers as to the why's. Life is not fair. Rest in Peace, Catherine Ann! I will always love and miss you!
From: Elmont, NY
Web Site:  Patty
Please share your thoughts:  Catherine Ann

Kathy Graver Monday, 11/8/04, 7:31 AM
From: Stratford, CT

walter mitchell Friday, 11/5/04, 5:57 AM
sadly I must enter my brothers name. he passed away this week in upstate ny. Charlie Mitchell class 1967 you did a fine job. thats alot of people Gary Box's Father and I (Jud) grew up together, My Son Wally class 88 is NYPD we did not know where he was for about three hours on September 11th. I guess everyone in Wantagh was connected in one way or the other. Happiness to all who are still here. The Class Re-Union of classes 61-62 was a great night. walter mitchell
From: lindenhurst
Please share your thoughts:  wow

Carl David Steen Tuesday, 11/2/04, 11:41 AM
On the Bruce Klappert wake: While I remember him from school days, I did not know he was still living in Wantagh, raising a family. I myself have been back here in Wantagh since 1994, raising a family of my own. I regret not getting reacquainted with him. It was a truly amazing turnout at Wantagh Abbey. There were lines well out the door for the first 90 minutes. Bruce was apparently active in the local Community church and in the Boy Scouts, and many from both organizations showed up. The turnout made me think that I was in Capra¿s film, "Its a Wonderful Life". It was like the entire Wantagh fourth of July parade came to pay its respects. Many who showed up were surprised to see others there; many folks were saying to others "Why are you here? How did you know him?" For example, to my surprise my brother's father-in-law was there, and he asked why I had come, and I told him why - that he was a high school classmate of mine, and then I asked him why he was there, and it seems that Bruce lived just two houses away from him! If our moral worth is measured not from the number of people we love but by the number who love us, then Bruce was a man of great value. We who remain may outlive him in years, may visit many places where he can no longer go, but we will have a difficult time achieving what he has accomplished right here in Wantagh.

Tammi Torres Sunday, 10/31/04, 5:07 PM
Its very nice to know someone still cares for our friends and family who are gone ,,Thank you
From: Wantagh
E-mail:  Toor51@aol

Stephen Rothmaler Wednesday, 10/27/04, 9:26 AM
I can now let you know that Bruce Klappert (WHS '73) died on Sunday, 10/24/04, of a heart attack at Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church at the pumpkin sale. His obituary appears in the link that follows. Page=LifeStory&PersonId=2756578 I last saw him a few weeks ago at WHS at meet the teachers night since we live in Wantagh and our sons go to school there. I didn't get to say hello this time, but he didn't seem to have any outwardly visible signs of something wrong. Some classmates of ours will be attending at Wantagh Abby tonight and perhaps having a drink in his memory afterward. If you're interested in joining us, speak to me tonight at Wantagh Abby or call me at 516-840-1497. Steve
From: Wantagh
Please share your thoughts:  link above to Bruce Klappert obituary 10/27/04

Stephen Rothmaler Tuesday, 10/26/04, 6:57 AM
Dear ? I always thought that someone should do this, I'm glad you did. My son came home from WHS yesterday to tell me that Bruce Klappert (WHS '73) apparently died over this past weekend. I can't independantly verify this yet. Feel free to contact me if you desire to at submitted e-mail (personal) or work Steve
From: Wantagh!!
Please share your thoughts:  Consider more printable format?

  Tuesday, 10/26/04, 6:53 AM

Alan Fleishman Wednesday, 10/20/04, 2:39 PM
This is a wonderful site, though I am so sorry to be reminded of our mortality and the fleeting nature of youth. Wantagh will always be, among other things, football games, Jones'Beach, being afraid of guys bigger than you, wondering if you will ever get the girl, and, above all, a marvelous chance to grow up in a friendly world. Alan Fleishman, class of '65
From: Boca Raton, FL
Please share your thoughts:  As time goes by

John Zaffarano Tuesday, 10/19/04, 9:34 AM
So many have gone long before their time! God Bless
From: Florida

Denise Kuty DiPietro 1959 Friday, 10/8/04, 8:51 PM
While I am at this site I would like to add the name of my father, Eugene Kuty, a physics teacher at Wantagh HS from l955 until l974. He died at the ripe old age of 87 on 23 Dec. l998. A tough and unusual man, but always fair...
From: Wallkill, NY

Denise Kuty DiPietro Friday, 10/8/04, 8:20 PM
From: Wallkill, NY

Elyse Stern Perrone Monday, 9/20/04, 12:59 AM
I was so very glad to hear that Elizabeth Sowodski (spelling?) is alive and well in South Carolina. We lived down the street from each other on Blue Spruce Lane. It is so sad to se all the names on this Memorial list. What happened to Nancy De Costa, does anyine know? Godles all of our lives they are toshort and so very precious. We do grow up way to fast. best to all in Clas of 73,74,75 and 76 that I knew. Elyse aka malibufrogs
From: Wantagh then Woodland Hills Ca. now
Please share your thoughts:  This is all ao sad

Don O'Day Saturday, 8/28/04, 12:37 PM
From: Westport, Ct

Charles Kalinowski Wednesday, 8/25/04, 3:46 PM
My son Kevin passed away on July 27 of this year. Kevin died from a blood infection which he picked up in the hospital where he was being treated for a rare cancer. Kevin was not a graduate of Wantagh H.S. but many of you knew him as my basketball and football manager. In later years, from 1981 to 1988, Kevin prepared the music for Sportsnight. He became a quadraplegic in May of 1981 after a pole vaulting accident in high school. A number of the Wantagh graduates worked for Kevin in Movieland.
From: Massapequa, NY

Joe Comforto Monday, 8/23/04, 12:36 PM
From: Bradenton, Florida
Please share your thoughts:  Thanks for your efforts

Allen Cohen Thursday, 8/12/04, 9:57 PM
From: Las Vegas, NV
Please share your thoughts:  I went to this site a little over a year ago. It is sad to see how much it has grown in just the past year. Thank you for having this site. I lost my brother Michael Cohen (class of '81) to leukemia in 1992. It is nice to know he is remembered.

Susan Armstrong Boyle Wednesday, 8/4/04, 12:08 AM
My friend Adele Pressimone told me about this website. While it is sad, I realize that you are providing a service & information to the community. Thank you.
From: Wantagh, NY 11793
Please share your thoughts:  I am sorry to say that I knew 12 people on this website.

Linda Taylor Charkin Thursday, 7/22/04, 6:59 PM
I was a graduate in 1958 and there were a few names that brought back memories. This is a wonderful site. I became a high school English teacher and retired after teaching for 19 years. High School and all its memories, even after all these years, is still a very important part of who I am. It is wonderful that our graduates are memoralized in such a special way and it is wonderful that someone took the time to do the work to provide this tribute.
From: South Burlington, Vermont

Diane Morasca Sales Thursday, 7/22/04, 8:22 AM
It still seems unreal to me that my brother Mark is gone. This website is a wonderful tribute to the Wantagh friends we lost. Thank you Mindye for putting it together. It means a lot to us who have lost a loved one.
From: class of 1984

Patti (Shea) Brucato Sunday, 7/11/04, 7:49 AM
Celia Mann and I went through all of elementary school together and graduated high school. She was one of the smartest women I ever knew. Louie (Skippy) Balase was two years ahead of me, as was Mary Maher, but we all hung out in the same drama group--- I can still see them both in my mind. Mary was always laughing and Skippy was a great listener. My prayers to both their families who I also knew way back then. Tom Glaser and I dated briefly when he was a senior and I remember him talking about going into the theater when he was out of college. I hope he realized his dreams. Seeing Mr. Otterback's name brought back so many memories. He was an excellent teacher and always made things so much fun.It's hard to see so many names...but the memories keep them alive in our minds.
From: Bellmore, NY

Mary Shea Rys Saturday, 7/10/04, 9:35 AM
I remember Tad Landon so well - we dated when I was a senior and attended the proms together. He was a sweet guy - such a lost soul. I wish him peace now. So many other names of people I once knew - Nancy McKenna - such a beautiful girl; Anne Apicella - such a happy, spirited person - lots of others. Too many it seems. It makes me realize how we all need to cherish the people and the time we have. I was sad, also, to see Meryl Bennett's name. She was quite a teacher, and I remember her and her husband Jeff directing some of the plays. I wish peace and healing to all of the families and happiness to all of my fellow Wantagh High graduates.
From: I live now in Liverpool, New York

tom grieshaber Tuesday, 6/29/04, 2:33 PM
we all knew some of them.......we all miss all of them
From: massachusettes
Please share your thoughts:  very well done memorial

Keith Wehr Saturday, 6/19/04, 3:40 PM
My Prayers go out to all the people who have lost loved ones. May God guide them and see them through each day.
From: Wantagh

Jim Sharpe Monday, 6/7/04, 12:22 PM
From: Milton, NY
Please share your thoughts:  A nice reminder of friends and classmnates.

Lenore Miller Monday, 6/7/04, 7:59 AM
this is my E-mail address. I realized I didnt list it sorry.
E-mail:  royandlenore@YaHoo.Com

lenore Miller Monday, 6/7/04, 7:53 AM
I am Kenny Miller's mom. Anyone who knew Kenny knew he passed away while in 11th grade His year to graduate would have been 1980. I would love to hear from anyone who remember him. Kenny died within 6 days of being diagnosed with Leukemia. He was a body builder and loved taking care of his body to be healthy. He and his father jogged together. It was too much of a shock for his brother Chris and his father and I. There was no time. I guess that is why I was so happy to see this virtual Memoriam and it helps me to check it out often. Its very sad but beautiful. Thank you mindy for taking the time . Again if anyone can share anything with me I appreciate it love Kenny's Mom
From: Wantagh
E-mail:  royand lenore

lenore miller Monday, 6/7/04, 7:01 AM
From: wantagh
Web Site:  royandlenore

Kathy Thursday, 6/3/04, 7:11 PM

James palma Wednesday, 5/26/04, 11:25 AM
I just read Darren Altman '83 and John Lorthioir '83 names...does anybody know what happen? I'm sad to see so many familiar names...god bless them all ...we had some great times
From: Merrick LI

Nicole DeVerna Tuesday, 5/18/04, 7:33 PM
My brother Scott died in 1999 at the age of 16. For all those who have lost someone, not just a child, I wish the best to all of you. Thanks to my brother, I am now a pediatric nurse in Manhattan at the new children's hospital. Thanks to everyone throughout the years, especially the Wantagh Lacrosse staff and team for remembering him and honoring him with the garden, scholarship, and lax kick-off dinner. #22 forever :)
From: still in wantagh

Tammy Shaffer, Sorrentino Monday, 5/17/04, 1:37 PM
Very kind and thoughtful thing to do. I often think of Driver Ed, Mr.Milardi. Also Scott Gadell, Gerry Graham, Leslie Miller from Forest Lake, Mac, Kenny Miller, Allison Rosenblatt and others. Sadly, many. May God give their families comfort that they are not forgotten. What a special person you are to have thought of this site.
From: Still in Wantagh

Victor Dietz Tuesday, 5/4/04, 1:45 PM
From: Live now in Coral Springs Florida
E-mail:  VHD08@AOL.COM

lenore miller Friday, 4/30/04, 8:04 AM
Again I would like to thank all for this virtual memorial. I cried but I feel good that no one forgotKenny Miller. He was a wonderful boy too young to die at 17". Thank you again Lenore Miller
From: wantagh new york 11793
Please share your thoughts:  my name is lenore miller and someone told me that there was a virtual memorial for wantagh high school . My son Kenneth Miller died in 1979 . His graduating class was 1980. I was so happy to see his name . Thank you for doing this.

Paula Liguori Centurelli Monday, 4/26/04, 8:47 AM
From: WHS class of 1978, now in Massachusetts

Thomas M. Behan Saturday, 3/20/04, 8:21 AM
I live in Arizona and from time to time wonder what ever happened to some of my friends from high school. I would be interested in any re-union comming up. Gratefully, Thomas M.Behan
From: Wantaugh
Web Site:  beeacham
Please share your thoughts:  Depressing

betty dillon rogers Friday, 3/19/04, 7:53 AM
I left wantagh in 1971 and I cant believe the amount of people i have actually lost forever.
From: cape coral fl/born wantagh
Please share your thoughts:  thank you

Victor Heepe Tuesday, 3/16/04, 6:26 AM
From: Wantagh teacher

Maureen Behan Class '71 Friday, 3/5/04, 12:06 PM
From: Houston, TX
Please share your thoughts:  Thank you for providing this site.

Maureen Behan Friday, 3/5/04, 11:41 AM
From: Houston, TX

Tricia Moller (Patty Walsh) Wednesday, 3/3/04, 8:12 AM
This was very touching. I can't not believe all who have passed, alot of friends. It's very sad. God Bless all the deceased and living.

Cindy Corrado Sunday, 2/29/04, 7:32 AM
I graduated from Wantagh H.S. in 1981 and it is amazing and extremely sad that so many people have passed since then.
From: W. Babylon NY

MARIANNE BURTON (ROBOTSIS) Thursday, 2/26/04, 12:56 PM

David Rosen Saturday, 2/21/04, 11:57 AM
From: Wantagh but now Boston
Please share your thoughts:  In loving memory of Mark Schneebaum

chuck croner Friday, 2/20/04, 2:26 AM
From: Amity Harbor, NY 11701

Lori (Westfal) Carney Tuesday, 2/17/04, 8:49 AM
I was drawn to this site to view my brother-in-laws name, Mark Schneebaum ('81), as it was added to the list. He lost a five year fight to brain cancer in May, 2001, and left my sister, Sheri, to raise their 2 young children alone. I was both shocked and saddened to see many names that are familiar to me. Although many of them I had not heard in over 20 years, I still felt a pang in my heart that so many of my classmates have not lived to see their 40th birthday. May God bless all of the families of those listed and make the rest of us thankful to still be alive and be able to enjoy our lives to the fullest.
From: East Patchogue, New York

Ann Long Sunday, 2/15/04, 6:48 PM
There are many of my friends on this list. It is so sad to read their names. I think of all the great times spent with these people and how they are no longer with us.
From: Wantagh, New York
Please share your thoughts:  You have done a great job, Mindye with this memorial.

John Gewecke Sunday, 2/15/04, 6:45 PM
I would like to contact anyone who is involved in the Class of 64 - 40th reunion. My home phone is 310-821-0932 in Los Angeles.
From: Wantagh High Class of 64
Please share your thoughts:  A tearful list of friends

Rob Lamensa Sunday, 2/15/04, 6:14 AM
It sad looking at this list. I view it every few months and I see more and more of my past classmates on it. Life is short, enjoy it.
From: Palmetto, Florida

Darlene Bell Mott Saturday, 2/14/04, 11:16 PM
Its is a beautiful site for us to remember the people that have past. Reading the names of so many people I remember, hurt. It seemed like a long time ago, but seeing this site brought me back. I feel so bad. My heart goes out to the families.
From: North Carolina

Peg O'Neil Kriete, '68 Wednesday, 2/11/04, 6:13 PM
Charlie & I just discovered this website, and we were amazed at the emotions and memories stirred up by this tribute to our departed classmates. John Allocca was the little brother of a long lost friend, Pat Allocca. I was so disturbed to see his name, but now hope she might read this and contact me. I loved the Allocca family and my deepest sympathy to them.
From: Rockville Centre, NY

Matthew Willing Tuesday, 2/3/04, 7:37 AM
As I read the list and find a familiar name, I can feel the sorrow of a loss that came way to soon. Then as I think of the person and the fond memories,and how much they gave the world for the short time they were here, my heart seems to pick up a little. I then remember the joy that person brought into my life, and how blessed I am to have known them. I miss them all so very much
From: Huntington New York
Web Site:
Please share your thoughts:  Matt Willing

Mary Tepedino Wednesday, 1/28/04, 3:18 PM
Beautiful site.
From: San Diego
Please share your thoughts:  I was surprised to see so many names on this list. Some are way too young. My prayers are with all those who lost a loved one.

Kelly Saturday, 1/24/04, 9:15 AM
I never would have realized, without visually seeing it before me, what a loss over the past few decades our town has encountered. It's so very sad, yet allows us to remember the times we had with the people who have passed whom we may not have thought about in a long time.
From: Wantagh

Kathleen McNamara Wednesday, 1/21/04, 6:51 PM
Reading these names brings sadness but also fond memories. My childhood friend Heidi was a wonderful and brave person.
From: Class of 1984

Keith Heitner Friday, 1/9/04, 8:03 PM
From: New York,NY
Please share your thoughts:  It is sad to see familiar names who have lost their lives at such a young age. I remember Celia Mann as a brilliant student with a great future ahead of her. My heart was broken when I saw her name.

Roy Bell Monday, 1/5/04, 2:46 PM
From: Rocky Point N.Y
Please share your thoughts:  \I see alot of names of people I ve known my whole life. Alan Ross and I played every sport there was in front of our houses with John Weber. Great time wiith some great kids. I miss them already knowing that they are not around anymore.

Eileen M. Reardon MD Friday, 1/2/04, 5:04 PM
Right above her name was that of Warren Raschen who was the brother of my other best friend. Thank you for memoralizing both of them in your mailing.
From: Horseheads, New York
Please share your thoughts:  I received this from my best friend in high school . I was overwhelmed when I saw my sister's name, Patricia Reardon '73 on the list. She died of breast cancer 8 years ago.

April Friday, 12/26/03, 8:09 PM
From: Seattle WA
Please share your thoughts:  God Bless them every one.

Ann Lennek Howe Tuesday, 12/23/03, 8:54 PM
I just learned today that John Lorthioir has passed away. This sad news brought me to your website and the heartbreaking realization that we have lost so many of our friends and classmates. John and I were friends in 7th and 8th grade through the Christ Lutheran Church Youth Group. I will miss you Mouse! As with so many, we think about sending an email or picking up the phone to say hello, but never get around to doing it. Call an old friend today!!! My heartfelt sympathy to the Lorthioir family and to all those whose loved ones are no longer with us. Mindye, thank you for this website. Your dedication in keeping it going is truly appreciated. Sincerely, Ann Lennek (Howe)
From: East Greenbush, NY

Jeff Cahn Monday, 12/22/03, 7:25 PM
Brian Grossman was the first friend I had in Wantagh. I met him when we attended Forest Lake School. Alan Hyams lived on my block and was a friend of mine in High School. Sorry to hear about their passing.
From: Los Angeles (Wantagh Class of '69)

James Palma Friday, 12/19/03, 11:44 AM
Seems the class of 1983 has lost too many good people....John Lorthioir was a friend going back to grade school...he played the tuba...I'll never forget him...too young
From: Wantagh 1983

Marc Tack Class of '81 Sunday, 12/14/03, 6:38 PM
From: Kingston, NY
Please share your thoughts:  Sad but great memorial

Robert Jurgens Saturday, 12/13/03, 7:44 AM
Thanks for bringing back the memories and for providing the opportunity to look back and share tears of joy and sorrow as we review this list. Among the names is the name of my late wife, Michele Goldman, class of 1972. She is only one of many for whom we all pray. Best wishes to all. Bob Jurgens, class of 1971.
From: Wantagh, NY
Web Site:  Robert Jurgens, CPA
Please share your thoughts:  Thanks for bringing back the memories.

kathleen celona engber - class 71 Saturday, 12/6/03, 2:10 PM
thank you for sharing
From: long beach new york
Please share your thoughts:  beautiful

Linda Segal Eisen Saturday, 12/6/03, 1:55 PM
thanks so much for the sentiment this page carries
Please share your thoughts:  So very sad

kathleen engber Saturday, 12/6/03, 1:53 PM
thank you for sharing
From: long beach new york
Please share your thoughts:  beautiful

Karen Newberg Saturday, 11/29/03, 7:21 PM
I'd like to mention those from the list that I was lucky enough to have been acquanited with: Robin Barkman, Janice Binderman, Rick Lavelle, Mark Schwartzberg, John Squadrito, Michael Tarrou, Liz Walsh. I was most fortunate to have grown up with one of the finest people who has ever lived: Marc DeCosta. My deepest, sincere sympathy to the families of all of the loved ones listed in the memorial.
From: Wantagh
Please share your thoughts:  Their lives were too short

Carolann (Kushnick) Bergersen '78 Saturday, 11/29/03, 4:23 PM
From: Severn, MD
Please share your thoughts:  This site was passed to me by my HS best friend and I was sad to hear about my friend and classmat Randy Kramer. I send my deepest condolences to her family and friends. Also to the Ahrens and Natt families, they are still and always will in my prays.

Scott DeVerna Sr. Monday, 11/24/03, 12:44 PM
To see a community that keeps the memories of it`s lost loved ones is overwhelming ! I`m eternally grateful to the entire Wantagh community for the continued loved and support to my son`s mother,sister,brother,myself and our whole family. We wouldn`t have survived without it.Special thanks to Coach Cuiffo,the Torres family and so many others. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and to the Kalinowski family.You see Coach Kalinowski was my CYO basketball coach at Maria Regina parish in N.Massapequa in the early `70`s,(I won`t say how early...).
From: Copaigue

Matthew Moriarity Monday, 11/24/03, 7:29 AM
Life is too short, have some fun every day!
From: Wantagh

jeanette lacker Sunday, 11/23/03, 9:27 AM
my nephew scott deverna passed away at 16 years old from a medical mystery. it is nice to see he is remembered.
From: wantagh
E-mail:  walydal@aolcom

Merrill Mayper Friday, 11/21/03, 8:32 PM
I graduated in 1968 and occasionally wondered who was lost to the evils that have threatened our lives since the '60s-AIDS, cancer, 9/11. After reading the list I have come to realize it doesn't matter how or when. What matters is that the circle of life goes around and around and we just don't know where on the journey we will take the next turn. And with every name we recognize, we grow up just a little bit more..
From: Phoenix, AZ
Please share your thoughts:  This is a beautiful site.

Lynn Marshall (Coker) Friday, 11/21/03, 4:25 PM
From: Tennessee
Please share your thoughts:  I think it was very thoughtful of you to put this together.

Lynn Marshall Friday, 11/21/03, 4:10 PM
Please share your thoughts:  I think itwas very thoughtful of you to put this together.f

Tammi Torres Friday, 11/21/03, 5:00 AM
We like to share are thoughts "How much our family loved Scott DeVerna ,he was someone so kind and caring young man ,,as long as I live in Wantagh I will always keep Scott's name going ,,,,,Thank you !!!
From: Wantagh

Ellen (McGee) Cook Wednesday, 11/19/03, 9:58 AM
Class of 1958 Thank you for this wonderful memorial.
From: Wantagh

Rich Fox Tuesday, 11/18/03, 6:20 PM
From: Dayton, OH
Please share your thoughts:  Sad to see so many familiar names..

Neal Weiss Thursday, 11/13/03, 3:31 PM
From: Wantagh (Classof 1962)
Please share your thoughts:  Great Site!

Neal Weiss Thursday, 11/13/03, 3:30 PM
From: Wantagh (Clalss of 1962)

Warren Davies Tuesday, 11/11/03, 1:36 PM
Growing up in Seaford ( my backyard was the Seaford - Wantagh border ), you couldn't help but have friends from Wantagh. Many I knew through my good friends, Harriet Loomis and Dick Witzig. Others went to the same church with me in Bellmore. Some, unfortunately, are listed on this sobering and reverent site. They are missed. Thank you for this poignant site.
From: Marietta, GA
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JOE CAZZALINO (FIREBIRD) Saturday, 11/8/03, 10:58 PM
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Lee Ann Ficco Rosner Saturday, 11/8/03, 6:14 PM

Charles E. Kalinowski Tuesday, 11/4/03, 1:59 PM
It is a beautiful tribute to all those who have left us. As a teacher, coach, 9th grade class advisor, sportsnight advisor, summer school principal, teen center supervisor, I knew many of the ladies and gentlemen who have passed on. My memories of Wantagh High School are the best. Thank you for compiling this list.
From: Massapequa, NY 11758
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John Rieth Wednesday, 10/29/03, 3:20 PM
From: retired teacher Tech. Ed. 31 years wantagh high school 1970-2001

Anton F. Davies Wednesday, 10/29/03, 10:15 AM
After serving Wantagh for 29 years, this page brings back many memories of former students and associates.
From: New Bern, NC
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Allen Peppe Wednesday, 10/29/03, 5:32 AM
Dear Mindye, You've created a beautiful site. As a teacher & coach at Wantagh for almost 40 years I sadly recognize most of the names on the list and can picture each one as "the way they were." I kept thinking of the phrase, "Johnny, We hardly knew ye." So young,so sad. You might add Gordon McKernan, teacher, coach and good friend who passed away recently.
From: Atlantic Beach,NY

Joan Weber Tuesday, 10/28/03, 5:29 PM
From: Wantagh
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