The "Virtual Memorial" 
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Feb. 24, 2000 by
Mindye Kahn Brunner 
Class of 1975 
Member of the
Wantagh Alumni Association
Wantagh, NY.
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The majority of the names 
on this memorial 
were obtained from  
The Wantagh Alumni Directory 
who were classified 
as deceased.  
The others were contributed by friends, families & classmates 
who knew them.
This page was last updated: September 24, 2019
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God Bless Our Soldiers
Past, Present 
and Future

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We laughed with you, we cried with you
We spent our days growing up with you
Now and forever, we remember you
Wantagh High School 1959
"One hundred years from now,
 it won't matter the sort of house I lived in,
 what my bank account was, or the car I drove 
but the world may be different 
because I was important in the life 
of the animals and 
the creatures on this earth."

Author Unknown

Welcome to the Wantagh High School Virtual Memorial
The following pages are a dedication to our 
friends, classmates and faculty 
with whom for years we spent countless hours 
each and every day while growing up.   
 Eventually we moved on with our lives 
but some were less fortunate.  
Though some went on to live full and complete lives  
others were taken before they ever had the chance 
to experience all of what life had to offer.
Whether they were our friend, 
classmate or faculty  
they touched our lives in a special way 
and none will be forgotten.

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Dedicated to the students and faculty of
 Wantagh High School 
who are no longer with us.
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August 22, 2018

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